Some people spend their whole lives without travelling. If you are one of them, you should keep reading.

Holidays are coming up and you probably don’t know what to take with you. Well, you’re not the only one facing this problem. In fact, there are so many people troubled by this, that we decided to help you all out by listing all essentials you should have in your backpack or a suitcase.

First of all, you have to make sure you have all kinds of documents you need – it seems like something that doesn’t need reminding, but it’s pretty common to forget one of them. Well, maybe not passport or ID, because you need those to check-in, but it’s possible that you’ll need your driving licence – you never know, better safe than sorry. If you’re still a student, remember to keep your student card in your wallet – it may reduce prices of many things, e.i. tickets, dinners and so on.

Secondly, think about the things that are specific to a place you’re going to. If you’re heading to the coast, make sure to have a pair of sunglasses and a hat or a cap. If you want to spend some time in the mountains, put a nice sports-kind pair of socks. Sure, you can buy them when you are already there, but they are much more expensive in such places. Another thing that you always should have in your bag, is a comfy pair of shoes. Even if you are going to a party camp and only think about looking good, you should take your comfy trainers or flats anyway. You never know when you’ll need them. They might come in handy when you least expect it. Just take them – your feet will thank you later.

You may not be the most spontaneous person in the world. You might not consider yourself an adventurer. You might have never thought of leaving everything behind and leaving. But still, you may be interested in last minute type of holiday, you will find them on Why? Well, there are many reasons.  Sometimes you might feel so overwhelmed with work or so depressed with everyday routines, that you would wish to get away, just leave all these behind without even thinking about it. If you have a few days of leave in spare, that’s when you should consider taking a break and leaving for a short holiday. You’ll come back rested, with fresh mind and more motivation to work.

You’re probably thinking about getting a vacation for quite a long time. You look at your friend’s photos with a bit of jealousy and start to think „Why can’t I be this tanned?”. Well, probably because you’re not decisive enough. You always think you still have time to plan your vacation, but then you leave this thought and life goes on. Soon you realise that you didn’t get any holiday plans at all and you leave it for the next year. And then – you do exactly the same thing. Last minute holiday will help you make up your mind and just take a chance while it lasts!

If you recently got out of a relationship and feel like the whole world is reminding you about a person that you spend so much time with, you might want to consider changing the environment. It will keep you sane and take your mind of the things that cause you any sadness.

How to Travel from Bali to Gili Trawangan

How to Travel from Bali to Gili Trawangan

Located off the coast of Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia is the beautiful island of Gili Trawangan. A short boat ride away from Bali, Gili Trawangan is part of the Gili Islands which is composed of three atolls nestled in the Bali Sea. With its powdery white sand and a seemingly endless horizon of crystal clear turquoise sea water, adventurous travelers are now opting to enjoy a stay at this pocket of paradise island.

Tourists usually make their start off point to Gili Trawangan from Bali.  The answer to “How to travel from Bali to Gili Trawangan?” may seem complicated to unseasoned travelers: but it is not. Getting to Gili Trawangan from Bali is really quite a breeze!

Traveling to Gili Trawangan by Boat

There are two ways to get to Gili Trawangan by boat – fast boat and slow boat.  “Fast boat” pertains to sleek private catamarans and speedboats, while slow boat refers to public ferry boats.

  • Fast Boat

Fast boats from Padang Bai are available daily. There are several fast boats that depart from the port of Padang Bai between 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Since the port is not actually a stone throw away from north of Bali, the usual practice is to spend the night at Kuta, secure boat ticket from an accredited source, then take the bus shuttle to Padang Bai the next morning.  An option is to spend the night at Padang Bai for a more restful night sans the nightlife of Kuta.  Boat ride to Gili Trawangan through this route is about 1.5 hours.

Twenty minutes away from the south Bali area is Serangan harbor. There are fast boats operating in this area, and this route is the quickest way to get to Gili islands.  There is no need to pass by the congested roads of Padang Bai, thus saving time. Operators usually pick up hotel guests en route to the islands in time for the 8:00 a.m. departure.

Another option is to take the 45-minute fast boat ride from Amed. This ride is cheaper than the ones from Padang Bai, and the only operator picks up hotel guests in time for the 8:30 a.m. departure.

Booking online for fast boat tickets is also possible. Most of the fast boat operators have websites for such transactions.  However, it is always cheaper to get tickets from accredited sources such as tour guides. Note that most of the fast boats stop at the three Gili islands.  There are no pickups or drop-offs at the island as motorized vehicles are not allowed.

  • Public Ferry Boat

There is no straight ferry boat ride from Padang Bai to Gili Trawangan. The route is an 8-hour boat ride from Padang Bai to Lombok, then Lombok to Gili Trawangan.  It takes five hours to get to Lombok, and another 3 hours or so (plus waiting time) from Lombok to Gili island. The upside is that this route is way less expensive than the fast boat route – IDR 40,000 for ferry boat ticket and at least IDR 600,000 for a fast boat ticket.

  • Chartered Boat

There are available private speedboats and even traditional wooden boats to Gili Trawangan from Bali. Speedboat charter is more expensive, and this is so because the boat is practically rented for one full day, with options for the client to go snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing. The rate includes return and transfer to hotel to the harbor.

  • Private Helicopter

One can always arrive in style at Gili Trawangan by chartering a helicopter.  From North East Bali, the flight over Mount Agung, Nusa Lembongan Island and Mount Rinjani to Gil Trawangan will take about 45 minutes.  Minimum passenger per flight is 4, at about IDR 15,000,000 ($1,088) each. Air transfers are available during the day only, with each flight dependent on the number of passengers, weather and air traffic.






20 Finest Household Trip Concepts

Great+VacationIt pleases us to read that each experience at our resort has been a pleasing and a memorable one. Fall is also harvest season, so the best places to trip embrace wine-nation areas from California to Virginia. Nice Vacation Retreats is accessible 7 days every week to help you create the right Kauai vacation out of your lodging and rental automobile reservations to planning your island adventure actions. Check to see if any particular occasions or festivals are taking place throughout your vacation.

Speaking of cruises , they’re always an pleasing trip vacation spot for the whole family. This Oahu, Hawaii-based mostly Disney destination gives an island expertise filled with faces your kids will love seeing, like Mickey and Minnie. We are comfortable to learn all the constructive remarks you were pleased with throughout your trip at our resort and that the unique roaming wildlife was the highlight of your stay.

New York City, Seattle, Portland and Austin are all nice cities for families traveling with older teens and 20somethings. The most important vacation cost is usually the airfare, so the closer to house you could find a destination that may please the whole household, the cheaper the journey. You might have by no means heard of Jekyll Island, but it may very well be the right trip destination for you for those who’re a retiree.

Browse beneath or contact our Vegas Insiders to see what we have now to supply to make your Las Vegas trip the perfect ever. Istanbul generally is a great destination for those in search of the 5-star remedy as well. Give Nice Worth Holidays your e-mail deal with they usually’ll ship you weekly offers; find the signup on the top of their homepage. There are even Hawaiian cruise offers you can benefit from. For instance, the Expedia CruiseShipCenter is at the moment offering a six-night cruise starting as low as $599 this fall.

Travel nonetheless offers the same benefits because it did when your kids had been younger: a singular alternative to bond with one another via explorations, a chance to learn about new locations and cultures facet-by-aspect, and a fun escape from the monotony of day-to-day life,” says Amanda Norcross, features editor of Family Vacation Critic , ‘s household travel website.Great+Vacation

Travel Safety Ideas


Travelling+by+carThere’s no purpose to not journey by automobile whenever you’re pregnant, but you will need plenty of stops for the toilet and to stretch your legs. On board, a baby carrier or sling may help if you’ll want to stroll your little one up and down, especially in case you’re travelling alone and can’t share the burden. Earlier than you set off, find out what every nation requires you to have in your car. Additionally make sure you by no means expose your cat to direct daylight when it is sizzling out, whether it’s contained in the automobile or outdoors.

In the event you’re in a automotive – the child will want a car seat – that adds to rental (unless you take your own). If you do not journey by automotive usually, chances are you’ll need to get your child used to being within the automotive seat. Make certain there are no sharp objects within the vicinity of your toddler’s automobile seat, whether or not the infant may attain them or not.

If your youngster is a frequent traveler, owning a lightweight car seat for travelling abroad is essential for getting by way of the airport, rental car shuttles and taxis. This may reduce the chance of your child protesting the automotive seat when you get on the road. Do not let the car get too sizzling, as warmth can aggravate the signs, and avoid studying, taking part in laptop games or watching movies, which can add to the conflicting signals.

Together with an acceptable car restraint there are several other accessories that can assist the journey run smoothly. Yellow arrow similtaneously a red gentle signifies: motorists may proceed within the course indicated by the arrow, provided they provide way to autos travelling in the move of site visitors which they’re getting into and to pedestrians.

A: Travelling in South East Asia with the youngsters was a great opportunity for them to study about the world and how fortunate we are; we’re travelling by way of these villages and we have more stuff with us travelling than these people have in total – that awareness was really necessary. There are a couple of totally different configurations and it depends partially on the stroller and automobile seat you may have.

Travel and Fashion – A Timeless Combination

For many travelers, the idea of visiting an exotic location is to relax and enjoy the sandy beaches with a little tropical drink in hand.  Laying back as the cares of the world roll out with the tide is an excellent way to spend a week or two after a hard work week.  For others, the desire to immerse one’s self in the history and culture of a world heritage site is the lure.  Walking along the grand boulevards of Paris or strolling through the gardens of a majestic cathedral in Spain is all it takes to transport one back to the days when historic figures like James Baldwin or Ernest Hemingway walked those same streets.  Whatever the reason for your visit to a choice destination you will want to be comfortable as you take in the sights, and for that you can turn to the stylish looks offered by ASOS.  Be sure to add Groupon to the mix when you shop because they can save you money like crazy.

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As the world’s largest independent fashion and beauty retailer, ASOS has thousands of items you can peruse and use every day to create your unique fashion persona.  From cutting-edge, to edgy, eclectic or vintage, you’ll find so much to choose from, you’ll have to pull yourself away from the pages.  But not to worry, shopping ASOS is easy.  They pioneered online shopping, and were among the first to adopt the model.  Today they have a loyal following that reaches across the globe.  If you’re a twenty-something, you have probably shopped ASOS.  If not, you probably should.  That’s if you want clothes and accessories you won’t find anywhere else in the world.  Not only do they stock tons of their name brand items, they are open to new and emerging designers so there’s always something fresh to put in your suitcase as you traverse the world.


If you love fashion and can’t get enough of it or just need a few pieces to round out and refresh your wardrobe for fall, take a look at the extensive line of clothes and accessories from ASOS.  They are the largest independent fashion and beauty retailer on the web today. Not only that, they were early adopters of online commerce.  20 years ago, while major brick-and-mortar retailers were still trying to get into the game, ASOS ran off with the twenty-something market, and hasn’t looked back.  The trend was born there, and raised elsewhere.  But don’t let the big size fool you.  They have eyes on you and have stocked their shelves with the latest looks you’ll need to curate the palette that shows you off best.

As the hot summer days give way to cool autumn evenings, you can change your look with a few strokes on your phone or other mobile device.  You can shop for those cozy scarves and sweaters you’ll need for the colder months ahead and do so from tens of thousands of independent boutique labels and vintage clothing collections.

And did we mention that with few exceptions, they ship anywhere in the world.  For free?  If you aren’t interested now, check your pulse.  But don’t shop until you search Groupon for the latest coupon codes because they are about the only thing better than their online deals.   That’s because using Groupons can save additional money on their extensive stock. Whether you’re heading back to school, taking your show on the road, or to a sound stage in the Big Apple, if you want to pull together a truly unique look, with quirky little pieces that are totally you – shop ASOS.

The other unique thing about ASOS is that they carry so many of the major producers of new and vintage clothing, so you can have that funky overcoat from a few years ago, and pair it with jeggings from today.   They have their own brands which produce some of the hippest jeans, T-shirts, shoes, lingerie and beauty accessories you’ll find in the global market.  In addition to stocking more than 65,000 items, you can open your own boutique and start selling your new or vintage line on their site.  Crazy right?  Crazycool!





Isn’t it curious how automobile advertisements reflect the mentality and attitudes of the society in which we live?  Those in the advertisements are reflections of what the sellers and writers wish their customers to look like.  Ads for high-priced and expensive sedans usually show customers dressed in suits and ties as if they are on their way to a formal event, a party or company business meeting.  Ads for station wagons or SUVs lean more towards casually dressed family attire, no more formal than a sweater or sport jacket, but nothing as informal as t-shirts and sandals.  Pick-up truck ads invariably show the “macho” virile personalities.  Girls in truck ads seem like ladies ready to take on the world, while still managing to look like a seductive temptress.


The guys who drive the sports cars and roadsters usually stay loyal to the image James Dean made famous in “Rebel Without A Cause” more than a half-century ago.  They love fast cars and beautiful women.  They wear pants and tops one can find from the favorite ASOS online distributor.  Buy a pair of jeans and a shirt with a Groupon promo from ASOS and then hop into your favorite roadster or convertible to go speeding down the open road with your best friend next to you.  It’s a great way to dress the part the auto industry portrays in their advertising. Especially when you can do it for less using coupons to save as much as 20% off name brand merchandise.


Are the images from those ads real?  Or is the opposite true…that we do our best to live up to an image our marketers contrived to make us want to attain?  That might be the subject to ask at some later time in life, when you look back fondly on a picture of yourself in your favorite ASOS attire, standing or leaning against your very first roadster.  That is when you and your friends were certain you knew just what you’d do to make the world the perfect place to live in.  But for right now drive on back home, look up the ASOS website and find the Groupon you can use to get your next addition to the wardrobe you wear just for driving your favorite car.