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Three Reasons Why You Should Visit Hawaii This Year

Three Reasons Why You Should Visit Hawaii This Year

There is no doubt that people have heard of the island where active volcanoes are rampant, yet the people are one of the most hospitable and caring ones anyone will meet. Hawaii has always been a go-to tourist destination, but why exactly? 

We all know that Hawaii is an amazing place to have your vacation in, but what’s there for us to enjoy really? Well, to help you out with that, we made a small list of the top three reasons why you should definitely visit Hawaii this year! 

So get ready for tropical fruits, beaches on end, surfing every day, and interesting traditions and culture, because here are the top three reasons why you should definitely check out Aloha State! 

A Thriving Culture. 

Hawaiian culture is something that people all around the world know about. And they know about it because of how well Hawaiians have been able to carefully preserve their culture throughout the years! 

This is why it has become a staple in visiting Hawaii. Come to Aloha State to experience hula hooping, come to luaus, and learn the Hawaiian language straight from just your local grocery store! Here, you will be able to really dive into Hawaiian culture and experience things only Hawaiians can! 

So make sure to keep an open mind when you get here because you’ll find yourself surprised at a lot of the things that Hawaiians see as the norm! 

The people. 

One of the main selling points of Hawaii is the great hospitality of its people and how they will greet you and take you in warmly as if you were already ohana! 

You’ll also find that Hawaiians are among the friendliest people you will ever encounter. So don’t be surprised when you get a flower necklace just as you got out of the plane and are already being treated to some fruit cocktails! 

It’s the best place to be when you really do just want to relax, have fun, and not have to stress about anything or anyone for that matter! All thanks to how the people in Aloha State naturally are! 

Breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. 

Sure, you can catch the sunrise or sunset at your local beach, but those are actually pretty different compared to the ones in Hawaii! 

The sunsets and sunrises in Hawaii just seem a lot more, magical! You have the orange sun reflecting from the beautiful waters on the shore, and just this cool and refreshing wind on the beach that is sure to blow all your problems away! 

Experiences the sunrise and sunset in Hawaii is a dream come true from a dream you may not have even had yet! And that is exactly why you need to check out Hawaii this year! 


The island of Hawaii consists of tons of islands ready for the average traveler to explore. It is filled with some of the friendliest people you will ever meet, with the warmest welcomes that can only match the warmth from the sun. It also has the most interesting cultures that anybody can be a part of! And stunning sunrises and sunset that are to die for. And these are just a few reasons why you definitely need to check out Hawaii this year! …

The Three Best Cities to Visit in Ukraine.

The Three Best Cities to Visit in Ukraine.

When you think of European countries, you often think of either really advanced buildings that are architectural masterpieces or small town villages that have tons of cattle and fields of wheat. 

But what if I told you, you can find both of these traits, in one small country? Well, you probably wouldn’t believe me but Ukrain has exactly those two everywhere in its land! So that means learning about history as well as enjoying modern activities and even more! 

So to help you on your trip to Ukraine, we made this list of the three best cities to visit that have just about everything for everybody. So without further ado, let’s get started! 


The capital city of Ukraine does not disappoint with its collection of traditional buildings, breathtaking architecture, and medieval monuments all scattered around the city. 

If you’re looking for the place to experience Ukraine at its finest, you just have to visit Kiev, which is already highly considered to be the grand getaway in Eastern Europe. So peaceful streets and serene fields will be what awaits you when you do visit Kiev. The perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle around you, isn’t it? 

Some pretty notable places to visit here is the Kyevo-Pecherska Lavra, which is a historic Christian Monastery filled with traditional buildings, and the Saint Sophia Cathedral which is an ancient church built around the 11th century. Either way, you’ll be getting a lot of history from both. 


Considered to be the third-largest city in the country, Odessa is the place to go if you want to hit the beaches for a nice and laid back vacation. 

It is generally visited thanks to the sandy beaches, attractive weather, and warm waters. Odessa is a beautiful city that and although considered to be the third-largest in the country, can often feel compact and in place. This is thanks to all the narrow winding roads and tons of secluded areas that make it feel as if the whole city is within your grasp. 

A great place, and the most visited, to start is the Potemkin stairs which will take you from the center of town all the way to the beachfront. Or, you can check out the Odessa Opera House which is also the second-largest theater in the whole world! 


For the best and most authentic Ukrainian experience, then the place to be in the city of Lviv thanks to all the traditional buildings and culture that have been preserved for decades. 

The city of Lviv is one of the most important cultural centers in Ukraine and has the UNESCO-protected Old Town which has some of the most colorful and quirky buildings you will ever see. It is an amazing sight to behold, which is also more than enough for everybody to come and visit. And we still haven’t talked about all the culture you can find here too! 

But that is a story for another time. 


The Eastern European Country of Ukraine has often underrated thanks to people sayings its just a boring wasteland with no fun at all. But contrary to that, Ukraine is a historical country that has withstood a lot of Europe’s turmoil, and the fact that they are still there and continuously developing is a great feat in and of itself! So come and see what Ukraine has in store for the world before everybody else see’s it! …

Three Must Do’s in the City of Moscow

Three Must Do’s in the City of Moscow

When you think of Russia, you would often think about vodka, bears, snow, and a big man covered in an Adidas tracksuit probably. And though, most of those are present in Russia, you’d be surprised at how many things you can actually do in it. 

Especially it’s capital Moscow! As it is considered to be one of the most vibrant and cities in all of Europe. It has a powerful mix of history and edginess that really separates it from all other cities on the continent. 

But with such a grand city, there must be way too many things to do, right? Well, you are right! Because in the city of Moscow, here are just three must-do activities you should do when visiting! 

#1 Visit Red Square. 

Considered to be a key location in the country’s history, the Red Square is a must-visit for people who are checking in to Moscow. 

It is the most visited attraction in all of Russia and is located at the heart of Moscow itself. Here, you can see some of the best attractions it has to offer from the Kremlin, St  Basil’s Cathedral, and even Lenin’s Mausoleum. It’s the place to be if you want to be able to see everything all at once! 

The Red Square was once a traders market but has since then been the place where most of the country’s proudest moments happened. This is why it is a must-visit for people who are visiting the capital! 

#2 Experience the Metro. 

The metro system isn’t really something a lot of people notice, as it’s usually just a way of getting from one attraction to the other, right? But not in Moscow! 

The metro system in Moscow has to be one of the most unique and most marvelous designs in the world out there. Each station almost seems like you’re in a Museum already! With portraits scattered along the walls, sculptures, and even large scale paintings as well! The metro system in Moscow is a tourist attraction in itself! 

So if you plan on check out the Red Square and then headed to Gorky Park, then try and take the train, because trust me, you won’t be disappointed. 

#3 Check out the Vodka Museum. 

If there’s anything that Russia is well known for, is vodka. This is why they have a whole museum dedicated to just that! 

If you see yourself as more of a connoisseur for alcohol, then visiting the Vodka Museum is a must for you. Here, they will have the most stunning collection of liquor you have ever seen. And even if you aren’t that deep into alcohol, it’s still a fun and unique thing to experience in Moscow! 


The country of Russia owes a lot of its historical moments to the capital city of Moscow. This city was the main source of the country’s uprising and has now been open to the public. From taking pictures in the Red Square to traveling by station to the Kremlin or checking out some vodka, the city is sure to show you a great and vibrant image of itself. …

Here are Three Reasons Why You Need to Visit Britain.

Here are Three Reasons Why You Need to Visit Britain.

We all know Britain as the country that nearly dominated the world by colonizing multiple countries, as well as bringing their knowledge, language, culture, economy, wealth, and religion to these different countries in order to help them develop into the booming nations we see today. They have played a vital role in what we are today, especially in America. But those are days long gone, so what is left in Great Britain? 

Well, this article will tell you exactly what else you can do in Britain, as well as the reasons why you should visit in the first place. So without further ado, here are three reasons why you definitely need to visit England

The English Coastline. 

If there is anything that England is underrated for, is its amazing and breathtaking coastline. From Northumberland’s majestic wild and unspoiled coastline to the breathtaking beauty of Cornwall‘s beaches, England’s coastline remains one of the most amazing and incredible seaboards on the planet. If you look at each one, you would think that it’s a global landmark even! 

There are even small seaside towns that you can visit and stay in, in order to experience what life is like beside the sea. It is an amazing experience that you can only really get from Britain itself! 

Its history. 

As we already know, England is best known among the world as the leading colonizers that revolutionized the rest of the world. The reason why it was able to such a thing, was thanks to its people’s progressions in terms of agriculture, strategies, and fast-growing population. Because of this, they were also able to leave behind a lot of history for us to learn. From a visit to the awe-inspiring Tower of London, a walk around the atmospheric ruins of ancient castles, exploring prehistoric Stonehenge or checking out the Victorian village of Saltaire, there is history to be found everywhere, literally! 

And if you don’t fancy traveling all around England to visit these historical sites, then you can also visit the countless museums that can pretty much do the job for you. 

The pubs. 

Fancy yourself a drink, do you? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as England is pretty notorious for its great pubs. From different brands of beers from distilleries all across the country to the exotic and sophisticated wines that you can get for a couple of grand. England does not shy away when it comes to alcohol. 

But that isn’t the only reason the pubs are noteworthy here. Another trait that these pubs have that other bars from other countries don’t, is the atmosphere and general vibe of it all. This is thanks to its people that really know how to have a good time, whether it’s sober or drunk! So if ever you’re in the area, then come and have a drink with the lads to hear some of the most fascinating tales out there. 


England is an amazing and breathtaking country, one filled with tons of history from all over the world, as well as modern progression. It is a country that almost has everything, from incredible coastlines to rowdy pubs. So the real question, isn’t why you should visit, but when! …

The State of Alaska and The Best Places to Visit.

The State of Alaska and The Best Places to Visit.

When it comes to the different states in America, there is one that really stands out, Alaska. This is mainly because of the fact that it’s actually separated from the rest of the states. But is this something that makes it unwanted or looked down on? 

No! In fact, that is one of its best features and part of what makes the state a mystery and one that adventurers would absolutely love to explore. It is an amazing state where you will be thrust upon the frontier. So to help you out and not get overwhelmed, here are the best places to visit in Alaska. 

Wrangell St. Elias National Park

When you’re looking for that sense of adventure and want to explore the vastness of nature, then you can come ahead to Wrangell St. Elias National Park for, what could be, the best adventure in your life. Why? Well, this park is actually considered to be the biggest national park in all of America. It can be found in the core of the Mountain Kingdom of America

But, what can you do here? Well, just about anything you can! You can go camping, go off the trail and onto the glaciers, you can hike said glaciers, go swimming, and pretty much any kind of recreational activity you can do outside. Except, with a better view. Much better. 


When you’re gonna come from a cruise, then chances are, this will be the first city your ship will dock in Alaska. It is a harbor that dates back centuries and has only flourished from then on. And is a bustling city filled with multiple attractions for you to visit. Such attractions include the Totem Heritage Center, the Tongass Historical Museum, and the Southeast Alaskan Discovery Center

But if you really want to have a scenic view of the city, then head on over to Creak Street. It’s home to a lot of quiet and small establishments, but what you really want here, is the view. So if ever you’re in town, why don’t you have a look yourself to believe me?

Another amazing feature of Ketchikan is the architecture of the homes along the ocean. Most homes are built with concrete foundations like the ones Cement Tech LLC in Astoria, Queens, NY builds for their customers.

However, with the home being so close to the ocean, these homes must be built on wooden stilts. Also, because wood is so plentiful in this area of Alaska, building with concrete usually isn’t cost effective.

Denali National Park. 

Considered the most famous park to visit in all of Alaska, Denali National Park is sure to make your jaws drop with one of the best views you will ever see in your life. This national park is considered to be the most popular in Alaska, thanks to Mount McKinley being the key attraction here, which is the highest mountain in America. 

And more than that, the Denali National Park is also a protected wilderness area, so don’t be scared when you suddenly find bears roaming around, or a pack of wolves hunting some deer. So if you really do want to be able to experience that wild and adventurous life, then this is the place for you. 


When it comes to beautiful sceneries, breathtaking views, stoic mountains, cold weather, and that fiery passion for adventure, none can do it like Alaska. Here, you will be able to live your wildest dreams in nature. And that should already be enough for you to visit, but here are just a few more!…

Top Reasons Why Atlanta is a Must Visit

Top Reasons Why Atlanta is a Must Visit

The Capital of Georgia is without a doubt one of the most underrated cities to date. Why? Well, that’s mostly due to it being overshadowed a lot by the other cities in the United States. But don’t think for a second that the Big Peach is a city to just go through. You see, though there are a ton of great cities in the United States, there is no other that does it quite like Atlanta. With its rich and diverse culture, along with its long past. You’ll find that the Big Peach, has a lot going for itself. Don’t believe me? Well, keep on reading! 

It’s history. 

A little history lesson for all those who didn’t study in the U.S. Atlanta played a major role during the American Civil War. Not only that, but it is also the city where the Civil Rights movement was most influential. This makes the city a gold mine for American history! With the same streets that Martin Luther King Jr. has walked, to the Olympic park built to commemorate the 1996 Olympics. The Big Peach has some of the most progressive parts of history, that shaped America to the way she is today. You can even find out more about them from the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, among other museums. 

The Food is to Die For. 

There is a food craze going over Atlanta right now. And it takes shape in the form of the different food halls that have been built all around the city! It’s a wonder to think that 300,000 square feet are dedicated to various offices, shops, and restaurants. Because of this, tons of people flock to the Ponce City Market, in hopes of finding a restaurant that would be able to satisfy their cravings. And if that isn’t enough for you, the Big Peach also has the Krog Street Market, with over 16 food and beverage stores that include some of the best dumplings of your life, to one of the best Mexican food you could ever taste! So if you’ve come to Atlanta and is loo

king for something to spice up your stay, then you’ve come to the right place! 

The Beltline. 

Probably the most famous attraction in the city, the Beltline is 22 miles of abandoned railroad corridors that have been revitalized as different parks and tracks that are open to the public. But so what? It’s just a huge park, right? Well, if anything, it is everything but! The beltline is one of the biggest venues for festivals, so if you’re in luck, you might be able to catch one while you’re in town! Either way, when you do visit the Big Peach, make sure to have a small walk along the Beltline, it’s long trails and spacious plains are sure to give you a breakthrough. 


In conclusion, Atlanta is a big place filled with tons of reasons for you to visit. These are just barely even scratching the surface of what you can do in the Big Peach. But they are plenty enough for starters. So if you ever find yourself in Atlanta, …

The Amazing Glass Beaches of California

The Amazing Glass Beaches of California

California is full of beautiful palm trees, weather, water, and of course beaches. But there is one beach that isn’t as nice as the other ones, it is called Glass beach.

The Issue

Glass Beach was just an ordinary beach until 1949. It became a dumpsite for California. There were two other beaches that had filled with trash before this one was used.

The trash issue was massive starting back in the 1900s. The Fort Bragg residents had created official water dumping sites all over the shores. They would throw glass, appliances, food, and anything that needed to be discarded.

This was long before they realized it was a horrible idea and it was ruining our environment.

The cities had also resorted to burning piles of trash, but they had still used the ocean shores at the time. 


The dumpsite was closed in 1967 and most of the trash was cleaned up. Food had either been eaten by animals or had rotted away. But what remained in the sand was the glass. Glass from broken bottles, broken cans, just pure glass trash.

Glass is not easily broken it takes time to become “beach glass.” This process could take anywhere from 20-40 years to be broken down in small particles depending on the size of the glass to start with.

The Beach

The beach has a lot of pebbles, so the broken pieces of glass fit right in. The waves crashing against the huge rocks near the shores help the glass breakdown into smaller pieces. The water has also made these glass pieces smooth over time.

Children are encouraged to come and visit the beach but just have them be careful and mindful that not all the glass has been smoothed out. Also, make sure to wear shoes as walking barefoot on the beach is not advised.

The small fragments of colorful glass mixing with the different colors of pebbles are captivating. As beautiful as it may seem you can not take any sand or glass from the beach. In fact, it is illegal to remove any glass from here.

If everyone that visited the beach took a piece of the beach it would not be as magnificent as it is now and in years to come.


The nearest city to this glass site is Fort Bragg, California. This is towards the upper part of the state of California.

You can park and take a short walk to the beach as there is a wide path that leads down to it. It is easily accessible to everyone.

This is a quick stop on your vacation and something you can check off your bucket list. Not to mention it is seriously like no other beach you’ll find out there.…

Balloon Fiesta – Traveling In A Hot Air Balloon

hot air balloon fiesta

There are only certain places in the world where you can fly a giant hot air balloon and Albuquerque, New Mexico is one of them.

The Beginning

The annual event started in Albuquerque 1972 with only 13 balloons in the parking lot of a mall called Coronado Center.  Not very many balloons but it attracted over 10,000 guests just in the first year.

The following year was the “First World Hot Air Balloon Championship” which had 13 different countries coming to participate. This became the world’s largest balloon event and changed locations to NM State Fair Grounds.

This event has continued to grow over time and in the year 2000, there were 1,019 registered balloons. This created a record-breaking number of balloons launching into the air. The fiesta now has a dedicated location with over 350 acres called Balloon Fiesta Park.

The Balloons

This event has hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world that come for the first week of October to see the magical balloons fly off into the sky.

At each event, you have the privilege of walking side by side of these gigantic balloons. You can walk in between them, next to them, touch them, watch them fill up with the fans and flames. Take pictures with them like everyone else. It is estimated that there are about 25 million photos taken of the balloons by guests each year.

You can schedule to go up in a hot air balloon in the sky by a professional. Imagine seeing the whole city Albuquerque at sunrise from 1,000 feet in the air? It’s definitely one for the books.

The Events

They have special events they have added over time. There is the launch when the balloons take off from the ground at about 5:30-6:00 am. Get there early! With hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world coming to see the balloons, there is going to be a long line to get in. I would leave at least an hour or more ahead of time.

There is an event called the Special Shapes. This is where the balloons are not ordinary oval-shaped but all different shapes. They have cows, castles, skulls, Darth Vader, faces, cowboys, spider pig, turkeys, whales, penguins, you name it! All the balloons that fly in the Special Shape days are quite that, special shapes.

There is also the Night Glow which is the most amazing. This event happens only at night and the balloons remain grounded. They all fill up with flames of hot air ready for take-off but they don’t.

The Balloon Fiesta Park has no lights as it is just a giant grassy park. So, for the Night Glow, all you can see is the balloons being lit up from the huge flames filling them up and it is breathtaking. You can walk around and see all the balloons up close or find a place to park and watch them from afar.

Trust me, watching these balloons in the morning or the night is a sight you do not want to miss.