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Top Reasons Why Atlanta is a Must Visit

Top Reasons Why Atlanta is a Must Visit

The Capital of Georgia is without a doubt one of the most underrated cities to date. Why? Well, that’s mostly due to it being overshadowed a lot by the other cities in the United States. But don’t think for a second that the Big Peach is a city to just go through. You see, though there are a ton of great cities in the United States, there is no other that does it quite like Atlanta. With its rich and diverse culture, along with its long past. You’ll find that the Big Peach, has a lot going for itself. Don’t believe me? Well, keep on reading! 

It’s history. 

A little history lesson for all those who didn’t study in the U.S. Atlanta played a major role during the American Civil War. Not only that, but it is also the city where the Civil Rights movement was most influential. This makes the city a gold mine for American history! With the same streets that Martin Luther King Jr. has walked, to the Olympic park built to commemorate the 1996 Olympics. The Big Peach has some of the most progressive parts of history, that shaped America to the way she is today. You can even find out more about them from the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, among other museums. 

The Food is to Die For. 

There is a food craze going over Atlanta right now. And it takes shape in the form of the different food halls that have been built all around the city! It’s a wonder to think that 300,000 square feet are dedicated to various offices, shops, and restaurants. Because of this, tons of people flock to the Ponce City Market, in hopes of finding a restaurant that would be able to satisfy their cravings. And if that isn’t enough for you, the Big Peach also has the Krog Street Market, with over 16 food and beverage stores that include some of the best dumplings of your life, to one of the best Mexican food you could ever taste! So if you’ve come to Atlanta and is loo

king for something to spice up your stay, then you’ve come to the right place! 

The Beltline. 

Probably the most famous attraction in the city, the Beltline is 22 miles of abandoned railroad corridors that have been revitalized as different parks and tracks that are open to the public. But so what? It’s just a huge park, right? Well, if anything, it is everything but! The beltline is one of the biggest venues for festivals, so if you’re in luck, you might be able to catch one while you’re in town! Either way, when you do visit the Big Peach, make sure to have a small walk along the Beltline, it’s long trails and spacious plains are sure to give you a breakthrough. 


In conclusion, Atlanta is a big place filled with tons of reasons for you to visit. These are just barely even scratching the surface of what you can do in the Big Peach. But they are plenty enough for starters. So if you ever find yourself in Atlanta, …