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The State of Alaska and The Best Places to Visit.

When it comes to the different states in America, there is one that really stands out, Alaska. This is mainly because of the fact that it’s actually separated from the rest of the states. But is this something that makes it unwanted or looked down on? 

No! In fact, that is one of its best features and part of what makes the state a mystery and one that adventurers would absolutely love to explore. It is an amazing state where you will be thrust upon the frontier. So to help you out and not get overwhelmed, here are the best places to visit in Alaska. 

Wrangell St. Elias National Park

When you’re looking for that sense of adventure and want to explore the vastness of nature, then you can come ahead to Wrangell St. Elias National Park for, what could be, the best adventure in your life. Why? Well, this park is actually considered to be the biggest national park in all of America. It can be found in the core of the Mountain Kingdom of America

But, what can you do here? Well, just about anything you can! You can go camping, go off the trail and onto the glaciers, you can hike said glaciers, go swimming, and pretty much any kind of recreational activity you can do outside. Except, with a better view. Much better. 


When you’re gonna come from a cruise, then chances are, this will be the first city your ship will dock in Alaska. It is a harbor that dates back centuries and has only flourished from then on. And is a bustling city filled with multiple attractions for you to visit. Such attractions include the Totem Heritage Center, the Tongass Historical Museum, and the Southeast Alaskan Discovery Center

But if you really want to have a scenic view of the city, then head on over to Creak Street. It’s home to a lot of quiet and small establishments, but what you really want here, is the view. So if ever you’re in town, why don’t you have a look yourself to believe me?

Another amazing feature of Ketchikan is the architecture of the homes along the ocean. Most homes are built with concrete foundations like the ones Cement Tech LLC in Astoria, Queens, NY builds for their customers.

However, with the home being so close to the ocean, these homes must be built on wooden stilts. Also, because wood is so plentiful in this area of Alaska, building with concrete usually isn’t cost effective.

Denali National Park. 

Considered the most famous park to visit in all of Alaska, Denali National Park is sure to make your jaws drop with one of the best views you will ever see in your life. This national park is considered to be the most popular in Alaska, thanks to Mount McKinley being the key attraction here, which is the highest mountain in America. 

And more than that, the Denali National Park is also a protected wilderness area, so don’t be scared when you suddenly find bears roaming around, or a pack of wolves hunting some deer. So if you really do want to be able to experience that wild and adventurous life, then this is the place for you. 


When it comes to beautiful sceneries, breathtaking views, stoic mountains, cold weather, and that fiery passion for adventure, none can do it like Alaska. Here, you will be able to live your wildest dreams in nature. And that should already be enough for you to visit, but here are just a few more!

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