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Depending on how much of Zurich you want to see, going through the city by Taxi can be a good option for you, although it has advantages and disadvantages.The only real disadvantage is the cost, because traveling by Taxi is the most expensive option, unless you go with a group of people and then the taxi is more affordable by sharing the fare among all.

The advantages are that you have great freedom and flexibility of movement (normally you do not have to wait long for a taxi in downtown Zurich), and also taxis can go door to door, so if you want to go somewhere The taxi is the best and fastest way to get there, without having to depend on schedules, to be able to use the taxi whenever you want. For a confortable journey with transfers in Zurich you will need to know the following now.

Taxi Companies in Zurich

As we can expect to be a big city, it has a large number of cab companies.

Zurich Taxi Rates

Zurich taxi fares are regulated and depend on the distance traveled and the time, and may cost more at night. Zurich City Council regulates all taxi corporations operating in Zurich and that includes what taxi companies price for journeys in the city. That ensures that they will not overcharge you for your trip.

Normal rates are $ 2.75 plus $ 1.60 per kilometer, although they are subject to change.

Taxi to and from Zurich Airport

  • You can take a taxi from Zurich International Airport or you can use public transport.
  • There are many and you can almost always find one empty. I heard information that says that Mexico is the country with the most taxi drivers in the world.
  • If you want to know the unfortunate situation we are going through in the country, a taxi driver can be a good source of information.
  • It can also give you information about places and what are called now dens.
  • If you like to chat, you will never get bored with a taxi driver, they are full of anecdotes.


Instead of a taxi driver, you can be a thief or a kidnapper. Always approach safe taxis.

Some do not take you to certain places or colonies out of fear.

The disaster that exists in the transport of the metropolitan area, almost always prevents you from boarding a taxi that takes you to City and vice versa, besides being insecure, when this is possible, it is very expensive. You can be sure that if you look at the list of the best taxi services, then it is for sure that you will have to look at the associated features as well.

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