Travel and Fashion – A Timeless Combination

For many travelers, the idea of visiting an exotic location is to relax and enjoy the sandy beaches with a little tropical drink in hand.  Laying back as the cares of the world roll out with the tide is an excellent way to spend a week or two after a hard work week.  For others, the desire to immerse one’s self in the history and culture of a world heritage site is the lure.  Walking along the grand boulevards of Paris or strolling through the gardens of a majestic cathedral in Spain is all it takes to transport one back to the days when historic figures like James Baldwin or Ernest Hemingway walked those same streets.  Whatever the reason for your visit to a choice destination you will want to be comfortable as you take in the sights, and for that you can turn to the stylish looks offered by ASOS.  Be sure to add Groupon to the mix when you shop because they can save you money like crazy.

Groupon and ASOS have teamed up to provide their customers the ultimate shopping experience.  Right now, you can save 10% off your purchases if you’re a student and even more on select clearance items.  With savings of up to 70%, free shipping with qualifying purchases and shipping to international addresses, anyway you look at it, ASOS is the go to place for your shopping needs.

As the world’s largest independent fashion and beauty retailer, ASOS has thousands of items you can peruse and use every day to create your unique fashion persona.  From cutting-edge, to edgy, eclectic or vintage, you’ll find so much to choose from, you’ll have to pull yourself away from the pages.  But not to worry, shopping ASOS is easy.  They pioneered online shopping, and were among the first to adopt the model.  Today they have a loyal following that reaches across the globe.  If you’re a twenty-something, you have probably shopped ASOS.  If not, you probably should.  That’s if you want clothes and accessories you won’t find anywhere else in the world.  Not only do they stock tons of their name brand items, they are open to new and emerging designers so there’s always something fresh to put in your suitcase as you traverse the world.


If you love fashion and can’t get enough of it or just need a few pieces to round out and refresh your wardrobe for fall, take a look at the extensive line of clothes and accessories from ASOS.  They are the largest independent fashion and beauty retailer on the web today. Not only that, they were early adopters of online commerce.  20 years ago, while major brick-and-mortar retailers were still trying to get into the game, ASOS ran off with the twenty-something market, and hasn’t looked back.  The trend was born there, and raised elsewhere.  But don’t let the big size fool you.  They have eyes on you and have stocked their shelves with the latest looks you’ll need to curate the palette that shows you off best.

As the hot summer days give way to cool autumn evenings, you can change your look with a few strokes on your phone or other mobile device.  You can shop for those cozy scarves and sweaters you’ll need for the colder months ahead and do so from tens of thousands of independent boutique labels and vintage clothing collections.

And did we mention that with few exceptions, they ship anywhere in the world.  For free?  If you aren’t interested now, check your pulse.  But don’t shop until you search Groupon for the latest coupon codes because they are about the only thing better than their online deals.   That’s because using Groupons can save additional money on their extensive stock. Whether you’re heading back to school, taking your show on the road, or to a sound stage in the Big Apple, if you want to pull together a truly unique look, with quirky little pieces that are totally you – shop ASOS.

The other unique thing about ASOS is that they carry so many of the major producers of new and vintage clothing, so you can have that funky overcoat from a few years ago, and pair it with jeggings from today.   They have their own brands which produce some of the hippest jeans, T-shirts, shoes, lingerie and beauty accessories you’ll find in the global market.  In addition to stocking more than 65,000 items, you can open your own boutique and start selling your new or vintage line on their site.  Crazy right?  Crazycool!





Isn’t it curious how automobile advertisements reflect the mentality and attitudes of the society in which we live?  Those in the advertisements are reflections of what the sellers and writers wish their customers to look like.  Ads for high-priced and expensive sedans usually show customers dressed in suits and ties as if they are on their way to a formal event, a party or company business meeting.  Ads for station wagons or SUVs lean more towards casually dressed family attire, no more formal than a sweater or sport jacket, but nothing as informal as t-shirts and sandals.  Pick-up truck ads invariably show the “macho” virile personalities.  Girls in truck ads seem like ladies ready to take on the world, while still managing to look like a seductive temptress.


The guys who drive the sports cars and roadsters usually stay loyal to the image James Dean made famous in “Rebel Without A Cause” more than a half-century ago.  They love fast cars and beautiful women.  They wear pants and tops one can find from the favorite ASOS online distributor.  Buy a pair of jeans and a shirt with a Groupon promo from ASOS and then hop into your favorite roadster or convertible to go speeding down the open road with your best friend next to you.  It’s a great way to dress the part the auto industry portrays in their advertising. Especially when you can do it for less using coupons to save as much as 20% off name brand merchandise.


Are the images from those ads real?  Or is the opposite true…that we do our best to live up to an image our marketers contrived to make us want to attain?  That might be the subject to ask at some later time in life, when you look back fondly on a picture of yourself in your favorite ASOS attire, standing or leaning against your very first roadster.  That is when you and your friends were certain you knew just what you’d do to make the world the perfect place to live in.  But for right now drive on back home, look up the ASOS website and find the Groupon you can use to get your next addition to the wardrobe you wear just for driving your favorite car.

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